Seed mixtures - ornamental flower meadows

Ornamental flower meadows are an ideal choice for beginners. Versatile mixes with a wide range of species will do well in most sunny locations with moderate to fertile soil. Seed mixes for ornamental meadows mainly consist of plants from outside our climatic zone, mainly from dry and warm regions of the world. As a result, ornamental meadows are able to withstand temporary water deficits, are easy to maintain and have a wide range of flowering patterns.

Ornamental meadows start flowering just a few weeks after sowing, so sow them in spring and summer. When choosing a mix, you need to decide on its durability: should the meadow be a one-season or multi-year establishment? The annuals bloom most intensively, but every spring you need to establish them anew. Perennial ornamental meadows, after the first year of spectacular flowering, turn into more subdued natural flower meadows in subsequent years, and their maintenance is limited to occasional mowing.


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