Wild flower seeds - annual field flowers

Latin. annua.
These are plants that go through their entire developmental cycle (from germinating from seed to producing their own seeds) in a single growing season, later dying. Both above-ground stems and underground parts die.

A colorful annual meadow is a great option for anyone who wants to see for themselves what a fantastic alternative it is to flowerbeds, rockeries or other small landscape features. If you want to fall in love with nature again, rely on our seeds. Carefully selected wild species will delight you already a few weeks after sowing. These will not only be the well-known cornflowers or poppies, but also other, equally colorful varieties of field plants.

Field and meadow flowers – seed


What is the advantage of our solution? The seeds of wild annual flowers bloom only once, but very intensely. If you decide to sow them, you can count on a real storm of colors and scents in a place where previously there was only a colorless lawn. What’s more, you don’t have to take special care of field and meadow flowers. In fact, you could say that they have no requirements at all! All they need is peace and quiet and frequent visits from pollinators. You, in the same time, can become a silent observer of annual wild beauty, which will be born under the windows of your house, apartment or office.

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