Perennial wildflower seeds

Latin. perennis.
Plants that live more than two years and usually produce seeds multiple times during that time. Perennial wildflowers require only mowing each year (1-3 times per season) to then bloom again, regrowing from permanent underground roots. These species are an attractive alternative to traditional lawns.

Colorful, fragrant, full of wild beauty and life that thrives before our eyes. What are we talking about? Flower meadows, unique landscape features which are becoming increasingly popular in private gardens, parks and squares.

If you are thinking of creating a refuge for people and animals – including pollinators such as bees and bumblebees – place your trust in our seeds. Among them you will find perennial field and meadow flowers, both common and less known but equally beautiful. The common chickweed, chickweed and dye are names that will stay in your memory for a long time.

Seeds of wild field flowers – a meadow for many years


In our store you will find carefully selected seeds of wild perennial flowers. They differ from annual varieties in that their growth requires time. This teaches not only patience, but also respect for the surrounding nature. We assure you, however, that this effort will pay off. All you have to do is find a suitable site and mow it up to three times a season to enjoy every year the fact that with a few field plants you can create such a unique ecosystem.

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