Field forget-me-not

An annual low plant with light blue flowers. The field forget-me-not prefers moderately fertile soils, it tolerates drought well. Its great advantage is long flowering and resistance to strong sunlight.

Wild, non-cultivar seeds.

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About the species

Polish name: field forget-me-not, medium forget-me-not

Latin name: Myosotis arvensis Hill

Family: the borage family Boraginaceae

Status in Poland: permanently established in Poland since the Bronze Age, frequent

annual plant
Flower color:
light blue
about 20 cm


The annual plant, less often in the form of a long-persistent plant (perennial).

It develops erect, or decumbent shoots, 15-40 cm long, angulate in cross-section and typical for the family, though not very typical for the genus of forget-me-not alternate spiral foliage and harsh tomentose. It has two types of single, entire-margined leaves. The first of them are clustered in a rosette, basal, on long stalks, withering during flowering, and the second are on the shoots, sessile (without stalks), lanceolate.

It has bisexual, actinomorphic, five-sepaled flowers with a twist in the buds characteristic for the genus, divided into a calyx and a corolla. Measuring up to 1.5 mm in length, the calyx consists of five sepals with hooked hairs. The corolla with a short tube, additionally covered by fornices, at first pink, and then the blue typical of forget-me-nots. Single flowers of the field forget-me-not are gathered in a short, dense sickle-shaped inflorescence with a tomentosed main stem and flower petioles.

The fruit is peculiar to the family, growing on a stalk 2-3 cm longer than the calyx schizocarp, splitting into four triangular mericarps with a shiny, dark brown or black surface and sharp edges. From the rest of the genus Myosotis, it distinguishes by: flowering even on lateral shoots creeping along the ground; branched stems close to the base; smaller flower sizes and with more protruding, rigid hairs.

Additional information


Field forget-me-not likes soils that are permeable, moderately moist, moderately humus, rather poor in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, with a pH close to neutral. As a cultivated plant, it needs strong, full sun.

It perfectly tolerates periodic droughts and strong heat, while the Polish climate can be too cool and too humid for it.

The optimum temperature for germination is 12-20 ° C.

Interesting facts

The field forget-me-not is considered to be an arable lands weed. Farmers control this plant by autumn tillage, spring harrowing, precise fermentation of the compost, on smaller areas also manual weeding or mulching.

Forget-me-not in seed mixtures:

Use Value

Field forget-me-not is a plant quite attractive to insects (hymenopterans including bees, butterflies, and flies) due to the long flowering period: from April to October. Due to the inconspicuous size of flowers and whole specimens, forget-me-nots provide honeybees with little pollen and nectar. Nevertheless, before World War II, forget-me-not honey was produced locally, mainly in the Alpine countries.


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