Red campion

One of the few native species in the Polish flora with pink or red flowers. Naturally common in the mountains and highlands, rare in the lowlands. Valued for its long flowering time from April to July. As a mountain forest plant, it is resistant to shading and the presence of heavy metals in the soil. Wild, non-cultivar seeds.

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About the species

Polish name: red sticky weed, red campion, dioecious sticky weed

Latin name: Silene dioica syn. Melandrium rubrum

Family: the pink family Caryophyllaceae

Status in Poland: native, more common in the mountains and highlands than in the lowlands.


Flower color:
about 40-60 cm


Quite a large annual or biennial plant with individual, glandular, and hairy shoots. Erect, individual stems, glandular only at the top.

Dark green leaves of two types:
1) lower, obovate, short-petioled, clustered in a rosette,
2) upper, sessile (without petioles).

Purple flowers with short stalks, unisexual, gathered in cyme-type inflorescences. Male flowers oblong, with 10 veins. Female flowers, similarly to other campions, are more barrel-shaped, with 20 veins.

The fruit of the red campion is a capsule, opening with 10 lobes, full of orbicular seeds.

Additional information


Red campion is more shade-tolerant than white campion, prefers moist or fresh soils.

It can be sown in the shade or partial shade, in fertile soil, even heavily contaminated and post-industrial, e.g. in waste heaps, near mines, steel mills and factories, in restorated landfills.

An excellent candidate for lanes between roads.

Interesting facts

In Italy red campion leaves were a traditional addition to the ricotta cheese, which stuffed ravioli. In the past, snake bites were treated with the herb of red campion. In the Channel Islands, red campion is still considered an enchanted plant connected with fairies, and is not collected or fought.

A good indicator of the presence of copper and/or other heavy metals in the soil.


Red campion in seed mixtures:

Use Value

The flowers of the red campion are eagerly visited by bumblebees and hawk moths. Contrary to the white campion, the red campion blooms during the day.

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