White campion

Reliable short plant with white flowers. White campion is usually an annual species, which expands strongly and is resistant to mowing. It copes well with drought and is extremely resistant to harsh conditions. Wild, non-cultivar seeds.

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About the species

Polish name: white sticky weed, meadow campion, nail weed

Latin name: Silene latifolia ssp. alba syn. Melandrium album

Family: the pink family Caryophyllaceae

Status in Poland: native or permanently established since Ancient History, common, sometimes fought as a poisonous weed

Flower color:
about 50 cm


An imposing annual plant, in  mild winters it can function as a biennial or short-lived rosette perennial, with  fine hair, unisexual flowers and thick roots.

Massive roots produce numerous adventitious buds, often multiplying more effectively than seeds.

Stems erect, branched from the base, shaggy with  soft hairs, foliaged oppositely.

Relatively large flowers, usually unisexual. Male flowers slender, in the shape of bottles or cylinders, with  10 brown stripes. The female flowers are larger, more bulgy, barrel-shaped, with  20 brown stripes.

The fruit of white campion is a capsule covered with permanent remains of the calyx, with  5-10 upright teeth. The gray, papillary seeds measure up  to 1.5 mm.

Additional information


White campion prefers light and fertile places, even very fertile. It likes to have a lot of nitrogen in the ground. It will grow excellently on city roads, and in the villages on former vegetable or potato farms.

Once grown, it will last a long time, even if we decide to get rid of it. After uprooting it can quickly regrow from the remnants of the roots left even 1 m below the ground surface.

When mown, it grows back rapidly from the buds in the root crown.

Interesting facts

Until the Renaissance, the white campion was widely used in academic medicine, and until the end of the 18th century it was also in folk medicine. Later, its use was discontinued due to undesirable side effects. According to Dr. Różański, when taken in small doses, under the supervision of a doctor, it can once again become a valuable medicinal herb, useful in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and impotence, or in convalescence after cancer or tuberculosis.

In German-speaking countries dry capsules are a well-liked ingredient in dried flower bouquets, and compositions.


White campion in seed mixtures:

Use Value

It blooms in the evenings, pollinated mainly by moths, above all the owlet moths Noctuidae and the hummingbird-like hawk moths Sphingidae.

Many beekeepers sow the closely related West European sea campionSilene maritima.

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