Garden speedwell

Perennial plant species with violet-blue flowers. It likes moist and sunny places. The garden speedwell is valued as a plant for bee pastures and butterfly gardens. Wild, non-cultivar seeds.

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About the species

Polish name: longleaf speedwell

Latin Name: Veronica longifolia, Veronica maritima L.

Family: previously the figwort family Scrophulariaceae, today usually the plantain family Plantaginaceae

Status in Poland: native, common in some locations

perennial plant
Flower color:
about 70 cm


A tall perennial plant with flowers clustered in sumptuous racemes.The shoots of the garden speedwell are in three types, underground, bare, short rhizomes, underground, laterally branched runners, and above-ground.

The leaves of the plant are distinguish into lower ones reduced to inconspicuous scales, lower whorled on petioles, opposite ones on stem, and upper bracts lanceolate. In contrast to other speedwells, however, garden speedwell do not have a rosette of basal leaves.

The inflorescence is a raceme, and the terminal inflorescences can be even twice as long as the lateral ones. Single flowers consist of the calyx and the corolla, they do not smell, are characterized by a strong violet-blue color, and they grow up on stalks shorter than the bracts. The calyx reaching 2-3 mm in length is characterized by the absence of glands despite of strong hair, and also has obtuse or triangular lobes.

The fruit of the speedwell will be indented on the top, slightly flattened capsule usually containing only 2 seeds. Single seeds are inconspicuous (usually they reach 0.3 by 0.9 by 0.7 mm), umber colored (yellow-brown).

Additional information


The garden speedwell is a simple species to grow, as long as it is provided with the right conditions, above all, constantly moist fertile soil and plenty of light. It tolerates temporary dryness in summer, but does not tolerate complete shading.

For years, it has been gaining popularity as an element of urban flower meadows in wet, fresh, and drying only in summer places. It looks great as an individual, and in groups, in naturalistic gardens, park flower beds, rockeries as well as containers on balconies and window sills.

Interesting facts

The garden speedwell is an extremely variable plant in terms of morphology, genetics, and the chemical composition of the herb.

The forms occur in different parts of Europe differ in the number of chromosomes. Moreover, V. longifolia easily produces hybrids with other closely related speedwells of the subgenus Pseudolysimachion.. What makes the work of taxonomists difficult, however, makes easier for breeders of new garden varieties.


The garden speedwell in seed mixtures:

Use Value

It is perfect for bee pastures, butterfly gardens, and flower margins in orchards. Valued for sustaining metropolitan populations of honey bees, bumblebees, solitary bees, and butterflies.


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