Hoary plantain

Perennial occurring permanently in Poland. It grows on glades, hills, and even on rubbles, and dry slopes. Plantain leaves are used as an infusion in catarrh of the respiratory tract, pulmonary tuberculosis, and chronic cough. Wild, non-cultivar seeds.

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About the species

Polish name: medium plantain

Latin name: Plantago media L.

Family : Plantaginaceae

Status in Poland: native, common

perennial plant
Flower color:
about 35 cm


A low, very variable perennial (a permanent plant) that produces two types of shoots: underground, bulgy rhizomes and above-ground, flower-bearing scapes.

The leaves are short haired on both sides, with very different tips ranging from acute and fairly narrow to obtuse and wide.

Protogynous flowers , clustered in a short, cylindrical spike, with bare, very wide sepals and slightly ciliated bracts. The flower corolla is creamy white, and the stamens longer by 4-5 with pale violet or creamy white anthers.

The fruit of the hoary plantain is a four-receptacle capsule. The seeds are wrinkled, blackish.

Additional information


Hoary plantain is recommended to be sown from May to  September. One of  its additional features is vegetative multiplication by root suckers.

Interesting facts

Hoary plantain is used in medicine. It has a cholagogic and expectorant effect, as well as an antipruritic and soothing effect on the skin, and accelerates wound healing. It is a remedy for tuberculosis, whooping cough, inflammation of the gallbladder or kidneys, neurasthenia, and hardening of blood vessels.

On Veit Stoss Altarpiece there are hoary plantain rosettes chiseled, clearly stand out from the flat background. Stoss also painted a few rosettes and flowering specimens.

Hoary plantain in seed mixtures:

Use Value

Hoary plantain produces valuable pollen and attracts with its scent.

For insects it is more attractive than the ribwort plantain, pollinated mainly by hymenopterans, hoverflies, and beetles. Also, to a small extent, it spreads by the wind.

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