Blooming trees and shrubs

A seed mixture of 13 species of flowering trees and shrubs. The mixture is intended especially for the economic planting of large areas and sowing in places where planting trees is not possible.

Seeds of wild, non-varietal forms.

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Product information

The composition of seeds of several species of wild trees and shrubs is recommended in order to prevent wind erosion, drying out and soil freezing.

With this mixture a species-rich and compact forest is created within about 5-10 years.

Sowing trees will work as a buffer zone between arable fields or as belts of roadside greenery.

Flowering trees and shrubs also support pollinators, as well as a feeding and nesting site for wild birds and other small animals.

The most important advantage of sowing over planting from seedlings is the low cost and guaranteed seeds from our climate zone.

Seeding instruction

Site preparation

In order to provide the seeds with optimal conditions for the beginning of vegetation, the place for sowing should be properly prepared. It is important to clean the sowing area as well as possible of plants that may interfere with the growth of young trees and shrubs.


The seeds are intended for sowing on permeable, moderately fertile, non-wet and warm soils. A mixture of trees and shrubs is best sown in combination with grass and flower seeds, eg Flower Lawn or Orchard.

The best season for sowing is autumn. Some species require stratification, i.e. winter freezing of seeds, to start vegetation. Without it, trees and shrubs will not start growing.

The seeding rate is 2 g / m² (up to 5 g / m² on very steep, rocky slopes).

After sowing

If it is possible, it is good to mulch the area with straw in the proportion of 400 g of straw per 1 square meter of surface. The mulched grass can also be used as litter – about 2 kg / m².


The first year

In problem-free places, care in the first year is not needed.
If there are competing undesirable plants at the place of sowing, such as thistle or sorrel, mowing the area is recommended. Intervention mowing should be performed at a height of approx. 20 cm. It is recommended to mow the entire area until May, then unwanted plants can be removed in fragments.

The following years

As the trees and shrubs have matured, it is recommended that you inspect the site annually and remove any unwanted herbs and trees.

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